Became a speaker in today's One Fine Day with Lux talkshow, watched Iron Man 2, had a lovely night with Intan, Jengay & Bena...thanks, guys! :)

Zara floral jumpsuit, St. Medusa vest, Topshop necklace, unbranded tights, Schu sandals

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Dear Mr. S,

I miss you.


Lala Bohang is officially my favorite illustrator! :)

Thank you sooooo much, dear! :)


Such a world record..I slept at 8.30 p.m. last night..:D

Oh yes, that involved: no dinner, no shower, no watching TV hehehe..

Sleep Sleep

As I've mentioned earlier, I took a day off today...resting at home does bring benefit to both the mind and soul...:)

Anyway, played around with my pajama heheh..who said we can't go out wearing pajamas? ;p

Received lovely accessories from :


necklace & bangles

and Little Lula...

ring & studs

Thanks, both!!

And yes, I finally got time to pack all LOVE EARTH shopper be dispatched tomorrow! Woohooo!! :)

Love our earth, peeps! :)

Featured: GADIS Magazine

Thank you so so much!! :)

Click image to read

Featured along the great Cotton Ink & Dylan Sada....:)

Lines of Moi

Illustrated by Felkiza Vinanda...thank you so much, dear! :)

One Third of a Century

Watched Date Night, played in Fun World, then celebrated my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary...a good Sunday alhamdulillah...:)

Topshop dress, Uniqlo tights, Aigner bag, unbranded necklace, Nine West wedges

A Quick Sip of Yogyakarta

Look look...I bought this pillow in Yogya..the filling is made of shredded used plastic sales packaging...uber kewl.

From One Point To Another

On my way to Semarang for some more work..I miss my regular weekends..:(

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Shopping In The USA

I loooooooove online-shopping!! What's best about online-shopping, is that we get to buy items that are unique and most probably not available in our own country...therefore not easily spotted on anybody else! ;p

However, goods that I usually lust for, are ones that are sadly only available in U.S online stores. And many of us shopping via U.S. online stores often end up frustrated as such U.S. merchants only ship to a valid U.S. mailing address, or if they do ship overseas, the shipping charges are unreasonably expensive.

What to do? Utilize a new service offered by vsHub!! When we become a member of vsHub, we will own a shipping address in the U.S. managed by vsHub, then vsHub will forward the purchased goods to our real address (in Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore).

More info on how it works in detail is available here to read.

Oh I'm DEFINITELY gonna be a member! :D

Bones & Spangles

Vahada top, Cotton On sequin cropped top, Juice Mixmax skirt, Forever 21 sequin beanie hat, mom's Chanel necklace, Bianca - Wondershoe shoe

Tug At The Heartstrings

Dear kak diana,

I know we've never met in person before but i am also a blogger and a fashion enthusiast like yourself. i am writing because i want you to have the slightest idea of how grateful i am to have stumbled upon your fashion blog. not long after i made a blog last year, i visited your blog and i remember posting a comment. i then read another girl's comment, and her colorful blogger avatar caught my attention. her name is febri. i visited her blog and we instantly became cyber friends. our conversations took place in the form of comments, and they were somehow always about you. long story short, we decided to meet up. she talked about you and how your blog inspires her. i talked about you and how your blog inspires me too. unlike me, she is more of a color person and i could see how your style has influenced hers. we found something in common- we both love you. we eventually began talking about other things too, we talked and talked for hours to the point that i found out how her high school best friend is attending the same college with me in los angeles. she gave me a little bit of her best friend's background: her name is jennifer, she has a phobia of buttons, and she loves korean bbq. with that information in mind and with the hope of being friends with this girl, i added her facebook and i directly asked her if she wanna hang out with me sometime. after four months, a few shopping trips, movie treats, sleepovers and dinners, here i am in orlando, florida with her. i know this story is so unimportant and you might be thinking "why are you telling me this?" but the point is, none of those things i mentioned above would have happened if it's not because of you, kak. i wouldn't be friends with neither febri nor jennifer, and i wouldn't be writing this at this moment. i am also surprised by the outcome of that one simple comment i made in your blog. i mean, who wouldn't? last year when i wrote that particular comment, i didn't really picture myself being here with my best friend right now. you've given me not only one, but two best friends. you've given febri, me, and countless other readers the window to endless inspirations, opportunities, adventures, and encounters. i will always remember you not only for what you wear and what you write in your blog, but also for what your passion has done to my life. thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail. thank you for being you, and thank you for doing what you love to do, because i love it too.

p.s: i'd love to thank you in person, but being in the present circumstances, i know it's highly impossible to score a meeting with you.

Talisha Quinta.


Dear Talisha,

I can't believe the princess of Ribbony Boo has written to me...what an honor...I'm your big fan...:')

You got me speechless reading your's so sweet and honestly unexpected. I never realized how a blog could ever do so, or maybe it can, but you had the kindness and depth to even think about it... I'm happy to know that you have your bestfriends beside you...friendship is indeed a beautiful thing...

Take care,'re a special girl..

And thank you...very, very much :)


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