The year 2004-2005

This was the time when i was in Nottinghamshire, England for my second year of BSc Computer Science and Management Studies. It was a great time and did alot of things over there..had wonderful friends and played league stage cricket for this place ...dam i forgot the desi area in nottingham..yeah its Redford hehehehhe...the game used to be at Nottingham Stadium which was next to the bridge..first day i got my finger crushed hehehe..

Then my house was full of guitarists and crazy heads..under that influence and alot of free time i bought this guitar and played few tracks...well according to Diana i really suck at i can hardly play three tracks and thats also a tab version and not complete..well any how following are the pics i found somewhere so i thought of posting it...then when i came to kl...studies got tougher and yeah my pda got stolen in the KTM and i sold this beauty...:(

Nottingham was a great experience and i learnt alot besides the book about life...Worked there and met many people...was pretty well known around the pakistani community and they all meet up with me when im back in Karachi ..some of them are Talha (same name like my younger brother), Zeeshan Bhai and i forgot again the other name...

Phases in life

This post got few phases ok

Phase 1)
Yes....i really miss my younger brother. I really dont know why God took him away from us but this is one question that will make me confident when i die too.

Well my brother's only passion was cars...and im not talking about hanky panky car modifications like body kits or its serious then that...yup its the engine..and it was his own ability that he managed to do nowhere but in our very own house...and achieved the title of Karachi (Pakistan) fastest D16Z6 NA (Naturally Aspirated).

What he did was he firstly, opened the engine at home and got the pistons and all the stuff i cant even think of changed according to his own new dimensions. Second he managed to increase the cc (size of the combustion chamber) where the petrol ignites and energy is provided. The original cc was 1.6 litre which he increased to 2.8 litres. Yes that were his abilities...Check out the pics...below

Phase 2)
Ok..ive been running away from writing about my be honest i have been devastated from what me and my family went through. People say its going to be ok and all but hell no one knows how I feel...i know its rude but its true..well people are doing what they can...its just something u have to deal with....When i was in Pakistan i visited his grave every day ..prayed and recited Quran on his that is the only thing we can do for him...Prayers...I saw him in my dreams ...he didint speak to me but he looked good.

Phase 3).
After what even i have been thru there have been some disastrous changes in me...according to some people when i smile or laugh it is said to be a fake matter what i do with heart doesnt seems to be alive. I know this impact is causing distress to some people who are the closest to me and they feel helpless..I just dont know how to put it in words but my heart is still searching for my brother .... I still keep on talking to him in the air thinking he might be listening to me...Since i arrived back to KL that was 10th august uptil now i cant sleep at night...i spend my time in the lab loitering or surfing...just didnt had the courage to go back....luckily it was someone(Diana) who provided what i needed the most...her heart to fill in and share my sorrow and saddness...still i couldnt get well...The other effects are me being moody, grumpy, rude, shouting, angry, emotional and super sensitive. I try very hard but it just kicks in at some moment when it shouldnt and spoils what ever i am supposed to do....luckily i got the extension for the university councelor said what i went thru will stay in my heart for ever might get less if it does (which i dont think so) but this will remain for heart looking for him...

Here in im openly apologizing to all the people i have caused trouble or to whom i have misbehaved or being rude.. Please forgive me ....

Currently i feel everything that was near to me is far out of my girl friend...every one ...its metaphorically true however they all in my heart...and near by me besides my family (Pakistan and Canada).

Will be posting some more stuff...cant carry on

Wrong In Her Every Bits

This is Avril so-called idol appearing in the Teen Choice Award 2007...M A J O R fashion disaster...hellllooooooo....what were you thinking....

Her hair is so not her style...was too elegant but yucky in some way...the brushed back part was too high...and the half-pink half-blonde was the major ewwww...she could've just made a thin line with that color....

the eyeliner was too much...

the necklaces were too bold in color and's like...the punk version of bling-bling or something? the pendants were also kinda weird...don't know what shape it's like a lock, the other one is a horse it? haaa...not good....too much shapes Avril...

the skirt...well, i hate those golden buttons on the side...what's with avril and gold? and how her skirt falls is just so wrong...i think the fabric was too thick....

Lastly, her me avril...plain black would be much better as compared to those skull details on the's like too much on every part of your body...the skull design's not cool either...

I am so disappointed....:(

Viva Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen..(??)

I Am Wickedly In L-O-V-E

I don't care how much these cost (yeah rite..), but i gottta have at least one of em!! Baahh.... i so want the fuschia one...

Below are my favorites from Reebok's Freestyle Forever new's a comeback after their back-in-80s funky it....

TGI Friday

I forgot to post about this one. On Friday, Sharjeel and I had a really nice dinner at TGI Friday's (The Curve). Well, food wise, the appetizer (Mac Cheese, highly recommended!!) and the dessert (Chocolate Mocha Mud Pie, see previous post) was really goooood. But the main course, thank you. Oh my, what's so important about this post? heheheh....nothing much to say actually....was just happy that finally me and Sharjeel had a nice outing after such a long time....143 sharjeel...<3

She's Back!!

Finally...after the long wait....Valentino Beckham is back in Semenyih!! Muahahaha....yesterday, Intan and I, together with Sharjeel and Hendro, went to Midvalley to do nothing but anything hehehhehe. Visited the three must-see shops, met Sany and the Soprano gang, had dinner in Yoshinoya..then helped Hendro pick a gift for his mom's bday..then....went back...zzzzzz...hehe...adios.

Chocolate-Mocha Mud Pie

Another recommendation for cake/ice-cream lovers:

TGI Fridays Chocolate-Mocha Mud Pie!!!

Quote of The Day

"You, must be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mohandas K. Gandhi -


I subsist inside those shadows
Of where evils are best friends of mine
It keeps me awake
That I have to struggle myself out of it
But it has always been there
such a devoted friend
It follows me around

Am I not that precious?
That everything I do does not merit your engaging words?
I recognize your earnest side speaks those I want to heed
But it’s so silent and far
So distant that I cannot sense the warmth of it

Too poignant, that I would rather be inside those shadows over again
That haunt me
With tears of stillness
It’s okay.
I understand.

Kolapuri Chappal

Kolapuri Chappal, meaning...slippers?? A gift from my luvvy duvvy tummy yucky Sharjeel which he bought with his sister-in-law in sweeeet...:) Was the perfect size too...

Lollipop Tragedy

I'm quite a fan of Lindsay Lohan...and I felt really sad about her being involved in the DUI and cocaine problems....I mean, come on....she's such a cute girl...errr...was...hehehhe....anyway, below is an interview with Michael Lohan (Lindsay's dad) by OK! Magazine....

I was a bit touched by his words...felt so...fatherish...(is there even such a word? ;p)....but then, this person on gave a comment which I find dramatically perfect in replying the so-called fatherish father....

Lavender says:

Michael Lohan is so lost and clearly is just missing the bigger picture, firstly, its not about love, anyone is capable of loving, its about the right love, and loving people in a healthy effective way. Clearly Michael loves his children, but its destructive and sick love. Then, when he says he will die for his children, he again just sadly misses the point, its not about whether you will die for someone you love, but will you be a good and honorable person, so that you can be an effective parent. The first thing you are instructed to do when you get on a plane is to secure your own oxygen mask, and then that of your child. Just so sad.

Such a perfect reply. 100 for you. 20 for Michael Lohan.

Top 5 Olsens Pics

Lots of people often criticize their way of dressing, but personally I really adore the Olsen just shows how great they are by not following the current trend...and obviously, no matter how homeless they can look in their baggy clothes or messy hair...they got the money babe...they got the money....

Below are my most loved pictures of the Olsens...I kinda forgot of where I got them, so please forgive me if I'm not putting the original links...

Favorite no. 1..

Favorite no. 2..
Favorite no. 3..

Favorite no. 4..

Favorite no. 5..

Hair Metamorphosis

As I wrote in my previous blog, i lovvve to do experiments on my hair....but not anymore hehehe...I've had those moments...been there, done I just want to keep it healthy and black hehehehhe....I wonder if Sharjeel would've ever looked at me and liked me when my hair was colorful like it was before...hihihihih.... *run*

After all the dyes and dries hehehe...i personally like black hair...but yesterday I went to a saloon, and saw some new colors from Loreal....there was blue and yellow!!! I was like...errrrr...I....want.... to....tryyyyyyyyy!!!! But then I punched off those thoughts in my Diana,'re 22....and you're gonna be working soon (insyAllah)....sigh...age does make a difference....

One More Day

....Sharjeel will be back in KL!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy..... *jumpin*


Who rocked the new magazine cover better? J-Lo, Gwyneth, or Ashley? Hhmmm...J-Lo!

Stress Release..

Initiated by the full-of-ideas girl Tyaz (currently she got a new nickname; TZ hehehe), Dini and I, and of course, Tyaz herself, went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park on last saturday. We were planning for the water park actually, but Tyaz got her period hehehhe so we decided to just go on the (dry) rides. I think the theme park was way better compared to Genting's...the rides were more fun, thrilling, or maybe the Genting experience was just too awful for me (due to some personal reasons) that it affected my perception towards the Genting themepark itself. Hhm...anyway, back to Sunway, we had much fun there. Mostly I liked the ship that rotated 360 we were actually spinning round and round hehehhe....woah that was awesome muahahhaha..then the roller coaster...was....okay...not scary at all...and if you see in the pic below, i was sitting a l o n e ...not only on that particular ride, but on all of the rides...tyaz and dini just wanted to be together, so i'm like...go ahead...hehehhe...i'm not scared of these things anyway...

the above pic was taken by the people there...they sold it for RM15...way expensive, but we thought it was really hillarious that we just wanted to have it, and everyone puts in RM5 so it shouldn't be that expensive ritey? look at Tyaz in the pic...she's like...err...Princess Xena or sumthin hahhahah...the hair...the heroic kinda like hehhehe...i can't stop giggling staring at this pic...

After all the rides and sweaaatt, we visited the Stone Museum to chill coz it was really sunny that day...i didn't really understand the beauty of the stones they displayed there...was just like stones i see everyday hehhehehe....

Then....errrr....i wanted to try the sling shoooottt!! haaaa...i just loooveee those extreme kinda things...last time i went for bungee jumping in Bali...and this time, i have to try this one! a must! Tyaz and Dini wasn't interested at all though...Dini has phobia of height...while Tyaz was just not interested hehehehe....well, it was kinda costly..RM50 for one try...but what the heck, it's like once in a while, besides, in Bali it's much more expensive. So i triiieeedd, but because there has to be 2 person on the ball, the employee joined me hehehhe...he was nice.

My opinion on the sling shot?? Nootthhiiiiinnnggg...hehehehe....seriously, it feels that you're just jumping soooo high that you're touching the sky...i kept on laughing while i was on top..felt sooo free...hhhmmm..nice nice nice.....i still think that bungee jumping is the really needs our guts to jump you know....

well well well, that was the last thing we did there...after that, we changed shirts in the toilet coz of all the sweat...did a bit shopping inside the mall...and headed was a nice day....exhausting, but nice...thank u dini for driving us hehhehehehe.....