Bonnie, Bridget, Blake, Bianca, Bebe dan Billie.

Giiirrllls!! My 2nd collection for Wondershoe is out! :)

I made 6 designs, but only 3 will be produced..therefore, we need your votes locked in to decide which will be the lucky three!

Vote here!! :)

PS: The lovely lace-sleeve dress I'm wearing in this pic is from T.R.U.E...:)

Featured: The Jakarta Post

I'm sooooo happy for being featured in The Jakarta Post's Sunday Post issue this is truthfully an interview I am so happy about that I did with Deisha Tamar, allowing me to project fashion blogs from a slightly different yet honest manner...thank you so much, dear!!

To read the full article, click here!! :)

PS: Wearing my Only I Sweet Beast cropped tee in the pic above ;p

From the Epiglottis

Another Indian movie highly recommended: My Name is Khan. Watched it today and liked it a lot! Still prefer 3 Idiots though, but this one's a must too :)

Bloop lace cropped top, DR for Bloop Endorse leopard-print skirt, D-I-Y fringe shawl, Uniqlo tights, Mooks bag, various brooches, Enzo Angliolini shoes

2 Bowls of Tom Yam Soup a Day

I'm sick but I've been out the whole day...gosh I need to sleep. Good night, all! Sweet dreams! :)

Picnic dress, unbranded shirt, satin bow & sheer tights, Topshop bag, Zara shoes

Only I...Can Steal Your Heart.

This is a shop worth your visit and purchase...Only I....:)

Btw, Only I sent me 3 pieces from their new collection that are awfully cute; Ripped COA cardigan, Bottomland legging & Sweet Beast cropped tee...thank you sooooo much!!! :)

I'll share with you the Sweet Beast cropped tee tomorrow! :)

Play & Detach

Currently enjoying playing with basic patterns...:)

Unbranded t-shirt, stripe sweater & bowler hat, Picnic polkadot skirt, mom's belt, Moretosee flower brooch, Enzo Angliolini sandals

Btw, check out my new detachable boot flats from Wondershoe! Yay!! :)

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:) =D O_o XD :3

New emoticon tees from Benar...

Go visit and get yourself one here! :)

How Can I Not Love Her?

The 13-years-old Tavi Gevinson has been and will always be my forever favorite fashion blogger...

Check out her blog, Style Rookie!!

Stripes Are...Healthy Too.

This and that, here and there, my Sunday was basically tiring but in a good way...:)

Francisca Line blazer & wooden bangles, unbranded dress & tights, Topshop wooden necklace, D-I-Y studded sandals

PS: I reaaaally love this stripe blazer from Francisca Line!!

Apples Are Healthy

Today was a beautiful day indeed, spending quality time with family and friends...:)

NFDN red blazer, Forever 21 t-shirt, Kamiseta denim shorts, Topshop apple necklace & tights, Wondershoe shoe

Lunch with family at Gourmet World, Kemang...:)

Then spent the rest of the day with Didiet and Bena...:)

3 Idiots

Btw, received this haircare package from Sunsilk...never have been a Sunsilk user before but I guess it's worth a try!! :)

Eternal Love

I wake up and find the day is so beautiful. It's my mom's birthday today. I can't believe that she's a year older, but I'm happy that she's aging healthily and beautifully. I love you, mother. Things aren't always smooth between us, but I guess that's because I'm exactly you. We're both strong and independent women, and I am blessed for being gifted that part of yours. In my stressful days, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing you sitting in bed doing your thing with beads and needles, and I just lie down beside you after 8 or more hours of work..

And now you've turned a year older, this time I don't feel like counting numbers. I just love you, and I want to love you eternally. Happy birthday, are indeed the most delicate, beautiful thing in life..:')

Morning Uplifter

I reaaaaallly like the idea of these videos from Sliimy...:)

Pure Pleasure

Illustrated again by AdeiRra...yay!!! :)

And..another illustration by Mia from Pink Pecan...ahhh girls...thank you soooooo much!! :)

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