Its a Beautiful Message!!!


Hello every one ..its been a while since i posted any stuff online here...well seems like Diana's between quite busy with her blogging. Any how, i recently received the most romantic and loving message in this WORLD ..yesh trust me..if its from the one you love is forsure the most romantic and loving message...besides this indeed each n every message from your lover is a special one...but still there's one special one out there in those messages, and i present that here :

"I love you with no reasons need to be explained. It creates the feeling of being complete having such a beautiful requires no words but just the body and heart..And yes my dear, it is yours I may be the smile or your heavenly deep eyes. Or the way you spread your magical charm..but having such reasons would be too easy said as it is much deeper and undefined.. I love you my Sharjeel...may you love me too forever :)"

Love you baby forever - Sharjeel

Who Wears It Better?

Yayy!! I finally have this Zara floral's so nice that you don't even need to iron it coz it never gets wrinkled hihihi...what an added value (enough of marketing terms Diana heheh...)

I love love love this shirt...:)

Our Funny Faces

After having the Tourism Marketing presentation at Chulan Tower, Sharjeel, Tina and I headed to KLCC..we didn't really know what to do and was a bit bored with the yeah, we then took some pics on the bridge heheheh..funny

Our East Asian Presentation

On Monday, April 23, we had our East Asian Business & Society presentation...the funny thing is, the lecturer Mr. Wang wasn't we had to talk in front of the camera and got our presentation recorded hehehe...

I Want These Please

Enough of the assignments pleassseee...let me go out and buy these Topshop new collection heheheh....

Sweet Escape

A relaxing saturday night...hmm...just perfect timing in between all the tensions...thanks to Tina who won the Miss Nottingham competition, Tina, Yingzi and I got a really nice night stay at Shangri-La Hotel at KL..hihihihi... so happy....:)

Here's some pics we took during the stay....

The room...

Then dinner at Hard Rock...

Had some walk around the hotel...found this lovely cake sold in the hotel's lobby...wish i could buy this for my mom..

Then yeah, went to sleep while Tina still had the energy to study....zzzzzzzzzzzz....

The next day was even more interesting..breakfast at the lemon garden was soooooo nice...i want that chocolate fondue agaaaiiin haaaaa....anyways, I had a great time and i 'm glad i joined Tina and Yingzi...thank you so much my tinatunabanana.. love you...:)

My Twin Is Looking So Good!

I'm so proud of Mary-Kate hehehe...not that i don't like her previous style...but her new look just makes her more 'fresh'...

Now this one on the bottom-left is interesting...the 82-year-old Elaine Stritch attended an awards show looking so so good!!! Maybe this nannie loves to read teen magazines and find Mary-Kate's style interesting that she just dressed up in her signature-style: oversized shades, leggings, layers of clothes, and last but not least, a starbucks on hand..hahaha..that nannie really rocked though!!


Usually, the Japanese street style are a bit know, cool in their own way, but would be a bit weird for us wearing those kind of clothes on the streets..So here are some inspiring Japanese fashion that we might we can see, they have a bit of the Hollywood style, but added with their own special touch making it more catchy..

(pics from

Why Buy LV?

Okay..i dunno what's happening with Louis Vuitton, but they really do seem inspired by junks and all...before, it was the ultra-expensive (but still a bit more creative) urban, they go for the i-just-went-to-the-fish-market look...wuuiiiiii...anyone????

Still About Black & White

They are never...never...never out of trend...well, what can we say, black and white will always be the all-time classic....
Haaa...i want these so bad..

Gucci's flats and cute..

Now this is the punk gladiator sandals hehe...soooo my typpeee....Balenciaga yum yum..

Finally, a complete set from head to toe by Chanel..seriously, this is a killer look...odd...but definitely deserves head turns..

Black & White Sharjeel a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio? Or Leonardo Dicaprio secretly admires Sharjeel? who looks better in the black & white combination!! ;p

The Annual Dinner!

Friday the 13th, the annual dinner finally arrived was a lovely night even though the food was really bad hohoh...anyways here we are..and yeah, sharjeel got a nice tie that perfectly matched his suit..hhmm...:)

Not to forget..congratulations to Sharjeel which was nominated as the Best Dressed Man and his NUFC club also got the Best Club, even prouder to say....Tina became the very very first crowned Miss Nottingham!!! Congraattttsss!!!! :)