Keeping Alive the Past

80's party last night...Dipy and I won best costume! Yayyy!!! :)

Mango yellow shirt, Cat Whiskers ripped tee, modified unbranded shorts, Zara silver leggings, Sox House socks, Charles Jourdan heels

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We are citizens of the world

As much as I believe in democracy, I also believe in the wisdom of freedom.

Featured: Girlfriend Magazine

Yippiieeee!! Thanks, Philomena...:)

The interview was actually in English but they translated some parts to Indonesian hehehe...

Click image for a larger view! :)

Chocolates Make My Day

Playing around with my leggings, and thought of wearing them both as a cardigan heheh...

Zara silver lame legging, Topshop pink lame legging, Zara chain t-shirt, Mr. Freddy skirt, Toko Dua Amoi cage shoes

Big brother dropped by and gave me some chocolates....yayyyyyyyyy!! He knows me sooo well..:)

Gonna munch munch munch...:D

Hasema modelleri Hasema Cesitleri

Etekli Tesettürlü Yeşil Renkli Haşema Modeli

tayt şeklinde siyah renkli Haşema Modelleri

lila Renkli ve eşarplı Haşema Modeli

Mavi ve Penbe renkli içi gözükmeyen Haşema Mayo Modelleri.

2009 haşema modelleri olarak sunduğum bu mayo ve tesettürlü eşofman tipi denize girilebilen ve su almayan haşemalar yazın mayo satan mağazalar da oldukca rabet görüyor. Haşema modellerinin en çok satan türleri ve renkleri ile zen gin kreasyon olan haşemaların fiyatları tekbir giyim mağazalarında 100-250 tl arasında değişmektedir. 2009 Haşema modelleri ve haşema fiyatları nın en uygun olanı ise muyo mayo ve bikini satan mağzalarda olduğunnu ben tatile gitmeden önce yaptığım araştırmada öğrendim. Mayo modelleri olarak tesettürlü haşema modasının en güzel ve en yeni çıkan türlerini tesettür mayo satan magazalarda istanbul ankara izmir ve antalyada rastlayabilirsiniz. tesettür mayolarından birkaç yeni kreasyonu şimdi sizlere sunuyorum umuyorum beğenirsiniz. Mutlu ve Huzurlu Tatiller dilerim. Sevgilerimle.. da Haşema Modelleri

Sketching Out Life

We laugh and we cry, but a laugh does not always signify happiness, and a tear must not always represent sadness. Things can always work the other way around, which is why I am eventually glad for being faced with so many problems. It took me a while to realize that...:)

Btw, some drawing I made in the middle of a meeting heheh...

Have a nice day, all! :)


Thrifted top, The Shop skirt, unbranded belt, Alun-Alun headpiece, Nine West wedges

Did you know...

that I love you because you let me eat the same meal everyday without thinking that I'm boring.

Weekend Updates

1. Picked out a winner of the Current Elliot jeans...the lucky girl: MEGAN! Congrats, dear!! Will send you a personal email on this...:)

2. Spent my Saturday night with office mates for dinner and karaoke..

Zara leather jacket, unbranded dress, Topshop tights, Chanel boots

3. Having mixed feelings, a larger proportion of sad I going through a quarter-life crisis?

4. Went for lunch with parents, then purchased this Zara silver legging today...

Cotton Ink shirt, eBase blazer, unbranded ruffled vest, Dorothy Perkins flower brooch, Nine West sandals

5. MJ's (intended?) death, recent bombing in Jakarta, the not-so-smooth presidential election process, company merger, salary freeze...June and July are supposed to be happy months, but why are they not? :'(

6. I like these shoes...very much.

That's about it I's been so boring lately!

Life is a Rollercoaster

Received a dress from iShopTheStore...yay! Thank you so much..:)

It's so nice to get back from work all tired and find that you've got a new dress to play with hehehe...

eBase blazer, Beatnik necklace, Diva necklace, Toko Dua Amoi cage shoes

Visit their shop here:

Quote of the Day

"There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness."

- Dalai Lama -


Time's up! Thank you for your participation and I'll be picking out the winner this weekend...:)

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I'm gonna pick out a winner for the Current Elliot jeans tonight! Till then, you're still allowed to enter by leaving your name and email here...good luck! :)

Wizards and Cowboys

Watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the morning with Dipy (and it's her 23rd birthday today! Yay!!)...

Anna Sui knockoff dress, Topshop tights, Beatnik heart necklace, unbranded bag, Wondershoe shoe

then joined my dad to his company's employee gathering hehehe...I'm weak for hotel foods ;p

A random thought...why does Dumbledore have to die? :(

Some Baby Pink

As Wondershoe's online shop is still under construction, I decided to drop by their shop at Jl. Kemanggisan Utama no.103, Jakarta Barat myself this lovely pair...:)

Modified vintage dress, (X)SML blazer, Topshop socks

PS: Still feel gloomy about yesterday's bombing in Jakarta...:(


Angel-wings ring from Sowat...awesome beyond words.

Caged Here and There

My new cage shoes bought from Toko Dua Amoi...yay!!!

Fragrance top, Mango satin skirt, D-I-Y cage skirt and necklace

Also, bought some necklaces from Beatnik...our own Tatty Devine, yes?

The cutting is perfect though I'm definitely gonna change the chains into heavier ones hehe...anyway, it's so nice that each necklace comes with a free keychain...

PS: Drawing for the Current Elliot Jeans will end in 2 days! Click here if you haven't entered...:)


With much glee, I'm happy to say that the LUCY skirts have sold out! Yippieee!

By some of your requests, I have decided to make some more 5 of the skirts, so now they're available again and do get em before they sell out! Also, there's still 1 MAY dress up to me if you're interested...:)

Happy Thursday, guys!!

You Might Be Cloud Wash Destroyed!!

Why? Chickdowntown is giving away a pair of jeans, and you might be the lucky one! They carry brands like Citizens of Humanity denim, but my heart fell in love with this specific Current Elliot jeans, the cloud wash destroyed jeans which I think you readers deserve the chance to win one! :)

To try your luck, simply leave your name and email/blog address by commenting on this post before Monday, July 20th, 2009. And sorryyyyy....U.S. residents only! Good luck!

PS: Follow updates from Chickdowntown through twitter here! :)

Chicken for Lunch, Chicken for Dinner

Endorse dress, Forever 21 studded belt, modified The Executive blazer, Wondershoe shoe, Topshop tights, heart bag and scissor brooch

Dropped a Lucy skirt for a buyer, then went for karaoke with friends...yay! Btw check out my eyelashes hehehe...used L'Oreal Paris Volume Shocking Mascara.. love it :)

Let's welcome Monday, guys! Adios! :)

Black and a Wee Bit of Pink

Zara shirt & pants, Guess cardigan, unbranded Balmain-inspired sandals, Topshop necklace, mom's Chanel bag


Cotton Ink shirt, Topshop bandage skirt, tailor-made leggings, Mango sunnies, Diva necklace, Bimba & Lola shoes

Presidential Election Day

Woke up in the morning with a sore throat, not a pleasant way to start the day... anyway, I'm very excited about today as it's our Presidential Election Day...yay to democracy and voting!! (so many rhyming words: way, day, anyway, today, yay! ;p)

Went out for lunch with mom and dad...

The Shop dress, Cotton Ink tubular shawl, Forever 21 studded belt, Zara leggings, Didier Lamarthe bag, unbranded gladiator sandals

then slept for the rest of the day...wishing myself that I'll get well soon! Heheh... adios! :)

The Shop... some of you might have already known, I've decided to try my luck in designing and selling (wearable) clothes to all of you readers out there! And for that, I thank you for the continuous support you guys have given to me for all these times...I hope you all enjoy what I make, and I promise that I'll keep on learning so that I can always come up with better stuff to share...happy shopping!

Visit The Shop HERE :)

Goodbye, Straw Hat

Went to Pancious Pancake House with Didiet, had Coco Berry...yumm :)

Bloop top, Jaspal sweater, Mango mini skirt, eBay leggings, mom's Chanel bag, various brooches, Fratelli Rossetti shoe

Also checked out Zara and found this awesome hat...was a tough situation, either this or a webcam as per Sharjeel's request...

WINNER: webcam :(