Quote Of The Day

"Those who don't ask for advice most need it".

- Malcolm S. Forbes

"Change is the law of life.
And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."
- John F. Kennedy

I'm in Love

..To start off, im not a pro in image editing like she is but i can atleast post some pics..hehehe..These are the images of our never ending beautiful relationship ...with the aroma of love every where..yesh its

P.S Baby..i manage to put the shoutbox (courtesy of lucas) and did some minor editing..well i hope you like it....:)

till then...marsh mellow out...


Lucas & Vomit

Lucas and vomit...hhm...what do they have in correlation? Does seeing Lucas makes me vomit? Does Lucas like to vomit? Hehehhe..of course no...he is one fine friend...it's just that..today is Lucas's birthdaaaayyy...!!! Yayyyy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend...my best wishes for you....:) Btw Lucas was the one who introduced me to this blogger.com and made the account for me....thank you, pal...:)

What about the vomit part? hhmm...i just feel like vomiting right now...:( i was supposed to work on my essay...but another deadline is waiting, designing the poster for our upcoming campus event, the Annual Dinner 2007...haaa...i really couldn't concentrate making the poster...my mind was on the essay...and my mouth was ready to spill out some nice roti canai and barbeque chicken hehhehe...maybe i'm too tired these days...anyways, here's the poster i've finished...phewwhh...luckily. Good night everyone...:)

Say It Bright!!

Here I go, browsing clothes again and again..;p assignments are really making me tensed, so i definitely need a day out to SHOP!! hhmm...:)

I guess it's time to brighten up our day...

Looking Cute Is Not A Sin

April is coming...new month, new stuffs heheheh...anyways, here are some cool picks i got after a long day browsing here and there...:)

I fell in love with this necklace immediately...for you who likes shiny plastics and glitters, Steven Shein's accesories would be nice...

now this one is kinda different from the normal ones they usually offer...Grainne Morton's are more into the homey mix-up soft and sweet look...

not to forget...accesories for our ears...

(pink pistolera-Sugarstuff.com, Silver Stellar Studs-Forever 21, Birds-Grainne Morton)

Some sexy high heels...

(Black Pump Shoe-Gucci, Black Peep Toes-Steve Madden, Pink Round Toe-Dolce Vita)

and the most comfortable ones to spend your day...flats!!! Seems that flats have been the craze this season...

(Red Eugene Flat-Ted Baker, Skull Ballet Flats-Alexander McQueen,
Black Grafitti-Juicy Couture, Copper Peep Toe-DKNY,
Sweet Silver Lovelies- MIA Emily, Red Stripes & Polkadots-Autumn 87)

Match up your favorite Converse shoes with the new Converse Ipod case...:)

And lastly, my day ended looking at clothes...for this April, i would go for some comfy loose tops from Forever 21...enjoy..:)

Mother & Daughter


My mom & I are in the GoGirl! Magazine March edition...;)

But since I'm here in KL and that mag is in Indonesia, I have no idea what that pic is actually doing there...my friend Gandos just told me about it and sent me a pic of the page...I hope the article's talking about something good...;p

The (Oh My God!!!) Urban Satchel 2008

Instead of recycling, you might as well put on some creativity to some bits of your trash and run a business..i promise you, the next day you'll wake up as a millionaire heheheh...

Hold your breath guys...this is the $150,000 Urban Satchel by Louis Vuitton...

and yes, this one's cheaper (???), the $45,000 Patchwork Bag also by Louis Vuitton...

My oh my, what a price for such a bag...the funny thing is, celebrities are already on war to get this bag ...well, i must say it's cute...and unique....anyways, this is actually a DIY thingy....come come let's make our own Urban Satchel!!! Woohoo!!!

We Are Classmates

Well, finally our class had a saturday night out with our cutie lecturer Mr. Yongjiang...

and yeah, here we are eating at Madame Kwan KLCC..

it was a really nice day...and trust me, we were like laughing a LOT heheheh...love you all guys...:)

The Dish Mission

Code 143... Code 143... I repeat 143...
Were the words out of the immersive thoughts of love and passion.
The tickle tickle game walking side by side,
Sitting by the lake, Walking by the moon shine,
See the bright beauty on the water's reflection,
I held her and kissed her with my arms wide open,
That was the day ... That was the night,
When love came and encapsulated us in a never ending relation
for ever and ever.
For once again, I speak 143...143...