The End of November

Out for lunch...

And off to my friend's wedding party...

I was so happy to see 'my pictures' there hehehe...yayy!

Adios, people! :)

Kazak Modelleri ve Kazak Ornekleri

El işi El emeği Göznuru kazak modeli örgüleri nden birer örnek sizleri.
Güzel Bayanlar Kendi aralarında hep birbirlerine sordukları sorular vardır bunlar bayan örgü giyim modeli nasıl örülür? nako gibi kazak modelleri nasıl örülür? diye ama akıllarına gelen ilk şey en güzel ve en şık kazak modellerini kendilerine yakıştırmaktır. Bunun için bizde Bayan Kazak Modelleri ve Bayan Kazak örneklerini sizlerin beğenişine sunduk buyrun ister Kışlık ister mevsimlik isterseniz yazlık Kazak modellerine. Bu yazıyı neden sizlerle paylaştım biliyormusunuz sevgili senimoda ziyaretcilerim Çünkü Kazaklar Bayanların güzelliğinin en önemli unsurudur.
Şöyle bir iddianız var diyelim Ben Çok erotik ve Çok Sexi bir bayan olmak istiyorum ne yapmam lazım diyenlere buyrun diyorum işte sıfır kollu kazak modeli ve nako deryalı günler de giydirilen Hırka ve Çok güzel Elbise modelini sizlere sunuyorum.
Mevsimlik veya Bahar aylarında giyebileceğiniz kısa kollu kadın kazağı ve elbise Modellerinide sunuyoruz.
Sevgili Ablam Derya Baykaldan ören bayan desenleriyle sundugum Renkli güzel Kazak Modellerinden birkaçtanesi. Derya baykal gibi örgü örnekleri ni hiç biryerde bulamazsınız.

The Dress That Made My Day

I'm so happpppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...:) I got this amazing ISSA dress from Jade, Senayan City...can't wait to wear it tomorrow to my friend's wedding....yay!!

Positivity Is All We Need

I wonder how people so full of rage can ever enjoy life.

Monochromous Octopus


Oh what a month oh what a month...a month full of surprises bitter and sweet…I welcome December yet to come…and I wonder why am I even writing this.

A Night of My Own

Finally, shopping after work ahahha.....although I didn't buy much, I extremely enjoyed my 3 hours of walking around and visiting any shop as I please hehehhe...

What I got:

Forever 21 floral skirt & earring, Dorothy Perkins flower brooch...:)



Purple Accent

After putting on hold my DIY project on making a cropped jacket out of a bomber one for a month (how sad), I managed to get time today buying soft-colored and tulle-themed brooches to top up the whole look.

This was last month's progress, before I added the brooches...

I did wear the uncompleted jacket a while ago, and lets just call that, the soft launch. Today, I proudly present you the end result hehehhehe...yay!!

I do feel that I need MORE brooches to make it even better...:)

Silver Flats

Yayyyyy...a morning surprise!! My mom knows me too happyyyyyyy....:)

(Background image)

PS: These silver flats are from Rockin' Reptile, a Malaysian brand :)


Browsing from the office heheh...some yummies I like like like from ASOS...:)

Sofa Bedtime

Haaaaa....what a crazy Saturday....Dina and I met up at Senayan City to have lunch, then the 2 of us spontaneously thought of just going to Puncak (some place on the highlands) afterwards to attend some gathering night till the (next) morning...ahahah...and there we were, freezing to death the whole night cuz of the totally wrong outfit for such a cold place hehehhehe...

Had some sleep on some sofa before we headed back...and oh yeah, I'm back home now still wearing this outfit....ewww....

What I Wore to Work Today

What I wore today....2 separate shirts worn together...oh look how beautiful the morning light is...hmmm.....:)

If only I worked in an advertising agency, I could have worn the outfit a bit edgier hohoho...;p

Dear Anonymous comment-leavers,

I appreciate you all very much for visiting my blog, and I thank you all as well for spending your time writing comments for me. I do though feel the unfairness in all this when some of you leave me messages that are somehow hurtful from my perspective but don’t even care in telling me your identity. You see, I like discussions, and I highly value different points of view as they show how intelligent and knowledgeable we are as human beings regardless who is right or wrong. But doesn’t it all end up unjust when you all can express whatever you think (about me) but in an anonymous (or shall I say, cowardly) manner then make my blog more as a means to freely attack me than that of a place to share about your thoughts and mine on fashion and whatnot?

Yes, my face can be irksome to some people, and I have clearly even identified a group of people who palpably talked about how weird my smile and poses are. One thing you all need to know, you don’t even pay me to put on a smile, so why bother showing you guys my BEAUTIFUL smile if I can save it just for the people who actually love and respect me in real life? And about my poses, well, I’m not a model. Get it?

Anywaaaaaaay, I apologize for any wrong words here, and I just felt like clarifying this thing heheheh... so no heart feelings, yes? Adios, people. Have a nice day..... :)

I've Been Eating Like Crazy Lately

My Condolence

Dear Intan my forever favorite,

You have my deepest sympathies on the loss of your dearest father, and I am truly, truly, truly sorry for not being there with you in all this grief...:'( May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead. Peace, prayers and blessings.


Goodies from Malaysia

Thank you, Sharjeel and Superumi....I'm quite speechless today, but I can assure you that I really love your gifts :)

Floral Sneakers: Pull & Bear
Lace Leggings: By Binnie
Pixel Necklace: Tea & Sympathy
Layered Chiffon Top: Tea & Sympathy

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